Corporate Profile

Bright Maritime Corporation was launch on April, 1994 with the signing of documents by Capt. Georgios Stefanou, Ms. Desiree P. Tenorio, Capt. Dimitrios Stefanou represented by his wife, Constantina Stefanou, together with other three (3) Filipino stockholders and with a primary objective of recruiting and providing highly qualified, disciplined and healthy Filipino Seafarers to foreign principals.

Corporate Profile

It started with a five-man workforce and a 60 square meter office space located at Sta. Mesa, Manila and with only one vessel to man in 1994 in MMD Building, Sta. Mesa Manila.

Upon the receipt of the license on 9 August, 1994, operations immediately commenced and deployed its first batch of crew for the only one accredited vessel then. At the end of the same year a total of five (5) vessels were accredited.

Notwithstanding such modest beginnings, the firm within two years was able to transfer to a bigger office space office with an area of 150 sq. meter at the Ground Floor of Columbian International Tower. With 83 vessels to man, hired additional six (6) staffs.


1996 The company, seek assistance to a financial specialist and experience in ship manning, Natividad "Nancy" Balili Ebron in the documentary requirements for the initial renewal of POEA Licensure and other governmental mandatory requirements. She later became the company's Executive Vice President-CFO. Implemented computerization program.
1997 to 1999 1997-1999 As vessels increased from 83 to 169 and principals kept on increasing, rented additional unit at the 2/F of the same building for Legal and Claims Dept.
Total Floor Area: 200 sq. meter
1997 As trendsetter for internationally accepted quality service, the firm was granted by Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI) its first ISO Certification.
1999 to 2001 Acquired additional unit at the 2/F of same building with 257 Manned vessels.
Total Floor Area: 300 sq. meter
2001 to 2004 The company zoomed to progress as manned vessels kept on Increasing from 257 to 397, thus the management decided to move into a 500 sq. m. office space in Emerald Building in the heart of Ortigas Center, Pasig City with a twenty-eight (28) workforce and with a total deployment of more or less 20,000 seafarers.
2002 Received the most coveted honor - "The POEA Top Performance Award"

As an awardee of the most prestigious award "The POEA Top Performance Award", POEA Licensing Department granted the company Manning Licensure to Operate for six (6) years from August 11, 2004 to August 10, 2010 (POEA-264-SB-070804-R). In addition to, the company was granted an In-house processing of POEA Employment Contract - granted only to those manning agency who have an average deployment of 300 seafarer per month.

After consistently passing the ISO surveillance audit and the series of trainings for the new quality version, BMC boasts of having been certified again by Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI) in the ISO 9001:2000 Series Quality Standard - a quality service innovation.

2005 As deployment of seafarers kept on escalating, the company rented additional office space at the 4/F of Emerald building with a floor area of 250 sq. meters thereby totalling to 750 sq. meters for the whole BMC office space. It's expansion was intended for the opening of Tanker Fleet Department. Unit 206 2/F for Bright's In-house training center, thereby totalling to 875 sq. meters for the whole BMC office space.

Consistently Awarded for the 2nd time with the Outstanding Performance Award by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA)

Bestowed another prestigious Award by the National Product Quality Excellence Awards and the National Council for Product and Service Quality as Best Manning-Crewing Services (Pasig City Awards)


Another prestigious Award was conferred as Most Outstanding Maritime Crewing Services (National Awards) By the Phil. Marketing Practitioners Association, Inc., Business Asia Magazine, The Asia-Pacific Global Awards for Marketing Excellence Inc. The Award was based on the standards for global marketing excellence of superior value offering, outstanding marketig practices, highly innovative marketing, excellent product quality, superior market strength, and strong customer orientation. Awarded at theCentennial Ballroom at the Club Filipino Greenhills, San Juan, on 24th of July, 2007, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Passed Recertification Audit conducted by Bureau Veritas Certification on January 30, 2007 valid until February 6, 2010

2008 Reaches its highest mark as BPI's No. 3 in dollar remittances. Next to Magsaysay Lines and OSM Shipping. It reaches its highest deployment of 505 seamen in the month of February. Having an avearage of 500 seamen a month.
Emerald Building

After 13 years of operations, the firm was servicing a total of 60 principals, 60% of which are virgin or first time manned by Filipino manning agency and reached the 500 mark in enrolled vessels with the POEA, a positive confirmation of worldwide shipping industry's acceptance of BMC's manning services.

BMC has also been an active member of two (2) prestigious national organization namely: Filipino Association of Mariners' Employment (FAME) and Philippine Association of Service Exporters, Inc. (PASEI)

The number of Principals, manned vessels, figures of seafarers returning for reemployment, the innovation of office facilities, a strategic marketing capability, total quality management, as well as the harmonious working relationship of all office personnel and seafarers can gauge success of the company.

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